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♥locked♥ [Oct. 31st, 2010|09:34 pm]

♥please leave comment for possible miracles.♥

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Link47 turned their eyes blue children|♥ the perfect murder

please help [Jul. 22nd, 2008|12:27 pm]
i apologize if you have seen this numerous times.

i found out about this via posts from defenestr8r through bloodcicle and a heads up from mondae:

The Prids (of course featuring misprid♥ were in a serious car accident Sunday night on their way to LA. thankfully, they are all alive, but have huge medical bills, equipment bills, transportation bills, motel bills, etc.

up to date info can be found on their Myspace.

even if it is just a few dollars, please donate via paypal to "".

Mistina has always been very generous with giving out her bands merch, she has always been a loving friend, and she has always been very strong.

even if you cant donate, please repost this information.
Link3 turned their eyes blue children|♥ the perfect murder

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